Freeware 64 bit CardFile replacement

When I got my new 64 bit Windows laptop I found a bit of a problem. There is no CardFile for Windows 7 (or Windows 8).

I have been using computers since the very early days so I still use some software from those days. When Windows started (version 3.0 / 3.1) it included a program called CardFile.

With this program you could organize your titbits of information in an orderly fashion. This program was 16 bits (as Windows was in those days). Later 32 bit versions of Windows did not include CardFile but the old 16 bit version would still happily run within it.

However 64 bit Windows (Windows 7 / Windows 8) versions can not run the old CardFile.exe even if you tell it to run in compatibility mode (a bit of a cheating, I think).

So as I am a programmer I wrote my own 64 bits CardFile replacement for Windows 7 and Windows 8 (but it should work on all future 64 bit versions to). This version is compatible with the old Microsoft 16 bit version. It should even be possible to load a new database in the old 16 bits version but I havenít tested that (although the new version does not have the limit of 440 characters). By the way, this software does not make calls via a modem, and nor does it have a search function, as the old version did as I did not need this functionality. But if there is a great need for it I will consider building it in.

As this software, is mostly for myself and did not cost me much time, I have decided to make it freeware in the hope others might also benefit from it. I have make it possible to show some ads in unused white space at start-up. But as this is not bothersome in any way, I decided to call it freeware rather than adwere.

You can download the zipped version of the software by clicking the link below.

Download freeware 64 bit CardFile