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This website's primary goal is commercial, and commercial projects are either kept secret or else get their own website. But there are also scientific and other non-commercial projects that need a place. Most of these are from my time as a student. Scientists wanting my help need to know that I am still very much a scientist at hart, but that I am considered to be too creative and with too little respect for the customs and hierarchy of the academic community. I see true science and the academic ways as largely contradictive. I have been accused of being an old fashioned scientist, which makes no sense to me, as science is science.

Life's logic
Darwin’s litmus test & Life’s logic, an extension to the theory of evolution through natural selection

A telescopic method for photographing within 8x8 cm minirhizotrons.

Human Evolution
The lust for grip-pressure, an instinct to carry tools over greater distances

Injecting life into the Venusian atmosphere


Freeware 64 bit and 32 bit CardFile replacement


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